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California’s Healthcare

Welcome to California sign.California’s healthcare exchange, Covered California, is creating a marketplace for millions of uninsured Californians to compare prices and buy health insurance policies this fall to take effect January 1, 2014.

Many of Covered Califonia’s clients are expected to be families of low and moderate incomes. Some will be eligible for tax payer subsidized policy(s), and others will have incomes low enough to qualify for

Covered California will release a tentative list of health plans and rates for the program at the
May 23, 2013 board meeting.

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Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Injured womanMay is Disability Insurance Awareness month. Most people underestimate their chance of becoming disabled during their working career. The fact is, that 3 in 10 people experience a disability during their working life. Disability insurance is asset & income protection. Who gets hurt if you become sick or injured & can’t work? The answer: You, along with your family. Shouldn’t you consider insuring yourself & your income in order to protect the ones you love most?

You insure home & your car against loss, why wouldn’t you insure your income?

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Retirement Catch-Up

Seascape and cloudscape from water villa in Maldives

Have you turned 50? Are your retirement savings going to be insufficient when you retire? Individuals age 50 and over are allowed to make “catch-up” contributions to their 401(k) or IRA accounts in addition to their regular contributions.

Call me for details.

(We do not provide tax or legal advice).

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